NKB Projects Private Limited

This company was setup with an intent to take up ad hoc, value adding projects. Since inception this has rather turned out to be the real estate and the finance arm of the group. The project is due to be launched and construction will be in full swing before the end of this fiscal year.

The company is also targeting lower tier cities as the scope of growth in such places is immense. It is in talks with partners to promote a commercial/office space in the heart of Durgapur, a rapidly growing knowledge centre in close proximity to Kolkata.

The group also has interest across varied markets and instruments in the financial sector. We not only have investments in the equity and debt markets, but also engage in other financing activities. The group has a keen eye for good investment opportunities and is always on the lookout for better avenues which entail :


Fixed income instruments
Inter corporate deposits
Equipment and project financing
Equity based portfolios and last but not the least
Private equity placements

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